Huski Beer Cooler 2.0 Fit Guide

The Huski Beer Cooler 2.0 fits most 330ml, 355ml and 375ml bottles and cans.

Some larger cans also fit (440ml and 500ml) but more of the can is exposed outside of the cooler. Long necks (700ml / 750ml) won't fit in the Beer Cooler, but they do fit in the Huski Wine Cooler.

Our guide below features a selection of popular drinks that fit. 

The following measurements can be used as a guide if your favourite drink isn't on the list: Cans need to measure between 57mm to 66mm wide, 100mm from their base. Bottles need to measure between 57mm to 66mm wide, 112mm from their base.


Brand Cans Bottles
4 Pines 330ml
Asahi Super Dry
Budweiser 330ml
330ml / 375ml
Coopers 375ml
355ml / 375ml
Corona 355ml
Great Northern 330ml
Hahn SuperDry 330ml / 375ml
Heineken 330ml
Hollandia 330ml
Iron Jack 375ml 330ml
James Boag's 330ml 375ml
James Squire 355ml 345ml
Kronenbourg 330ml
Little Creatures Rogers 330ml
Melbourne Bitter 375ml 375ml
Monteith's 330ml 330ml
355ml / 375ml
Peroni 330ml
Pure Blonde 375ml 355ml
Sol 330ml
Steinlager 330ml
Tiger 330ml
Tooheys 375ml
345ml / 375ml
Victoria Bitter 375ml
XXXX 375ml
330ml / 375ml
Yak Ales 345ml


Brand Cans Bottles
5 Seeds 330ml 345ml
Bulmers 330ml
Castaway 330ml
James Squire 330ml 345ml
Kopparberg 330ml 330ml
Little Fat Lamb 375ml
Magners 330ml
Mercury 375ml 375ml
Monteith's 330ml 330ml
Orchard Thieves 330ml 330ml
Pure Blonde 375ml 355ml
Rekorderlig 330ml 330ml
Scape Goat 375ml 330ml
Somersby 375ml 330ml
Strongbow 375ml 355ml
The Hills Cider Company 375ml 330ml
Zeffer 330ml


Brand Cans Bottles
Brookvale Union 330ml
Bundaberg 375ml
Canadian Club 375ml
Coca-Cola 330ml
Crabbies 330ml
Gordons 330ml
Jack Daniel's 375ml
James Squire 330ml
Jim Beam 375ml
Matilda Bay 330ml
Matso's 330ml 330ml
Pals 330ml
Pepsi 375ml
Stones 330ml
Woodstock 375ml

Please note, although we try to keep this list up to date, brands do change their bottles from time to time. If you find something's not quite right, let us know and we'll do our best to update our guide.

Can't find what you're looking for? Email us at and we'll see if we can help.